The decisions we make have an immediate impact on the financial health of the company. Our Planning & Allocation teams partner with Merchandising and Finance to set the financial road map for sales, margin, and inventory productivity. They determine promotions and how to keep inventory productive, while sharing results and being able to use the results to reshape the future. Inventory Management also partners with merchandising to ensure each store has the right product in the right quantity and size. In both roles, they always put the customer first to ensure we meet her expectations. 

"I've worked in retail my whole career, starting in stores and moving through merchandising, planning and allocation. I have been fortunate to have a 360 degree understanding of what it takes to run a business. It's allowed me to not only be successful in my own role, but be a good business partner with my peers."

- Lisa Pisano, SVP, Merchandise Planning, Allocation & Outlet


The team shares their best career decisions!

"To go bat for myself and be my own best advocate."

- Scott Cory, Sr. Manager, Company Planner

"Taking a risk in trying a new role within the retail industry. Ten years ago, I had two job opportunities; a Merchant or a Planner. I took a risk in moving towards Planning as I really enjoy the commerce/science side of Planning."

- Laila Benzan, Director, Merchandise Planning 

"Taking a chance and going for a job in the corporate office from working in stores. If I had not taken that chance, I would be where I am today."

- Deanette Cook, Merchandise Planner

We earn trust and loyalty by staying true to our mission. 


Kristopher Weese, VP, Inventory Optimization & Store Strategist, was challenged to share his favorite part of his job: "I have the most amazing team and I am so fortunate to constantly be surrounded by such talented, passionate, driven individuals. They are what makes Talbots what it is and I am so thankful that have allowed me to be apart of this team."


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