Talbots Contact Center was built to meet the needs of our customer, but over the years it has evolved and now supports many different areas of the business. Our Contact Center associates are focused on HER, our customer, taking thousands of calls every year. They are empowered to provide our customers with a fantastic shopping experience. Our associates go through extensive training to ensure they are prepared to meet HER every need. Due to the versatility of the team, they've been challenged to come up with new ways to support the business creating new opportunities for growth and development. Now the Contact Center not only takes care of our customers, but also partners with multiple departments in our company.     

"In 2011, the opportunity to lead the entire contact center operation at Talbots including both phone and non-phone channels was presented to me. In the last 8 years at Talbots we’ve grown the talent, improved processes and invested in new technologies and we continue to do so today as passionately as we ever have. There is something special, almost magical, about being in the Talbots contact center.  It starts from the very beginning when greeted by our most incredible receptionist, Janell Strong. We are building and curating enduring relationships as fellow Talbots contact center employees.  This allows us to connect in a meaningful way with each of our Talbots customers to help her look and feel her best."

- Wes Powell - VP, Customer Service


The team shares career advice they'd give to their younger selves!



"Don't let someone tell you not to go for a position based on how many others are applying. If you are passionate, capable and love what you are doing, you will find a position. "

- Susan Johnston, Sales & Service Training Mentor 

"Always do better than your best because anything is possible."

- Megan Hughes, Sales & Services Training Mentor 


We are committed to building  relationships  with our customers and our associates by knowing, serving and delighting them.


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