Our Distribution Center (DC) is a vital part of our business and processes when it comes to getting our product to our customers and stores on time. We couldn't do it without the help from our amazing associates that work at our facility. The DC in itself has evolved over time through continuous improvements and efficiencies. With steady growth from both channels of the business, the DC has implemented facets of automation to not only compete in the distribution market - but also pose as a benchmark on providing our customers the highest level of customer service.


The team shares three qualities that got them to where they are today!

"Keeping my composure/listening, organization, and effective delegation."

- Rachel Bibber, Supervisor, Distribution Center

"By being hard working, learning by doing and working along side of people, rather than having them work for me."

- William Hickie, Supervisor, Distribution Center

"Perseverance, detail orientend and determination."

- Elizabeth Ferland, Distribution Center Coach / Trainer

We win as a team - and are dedicated to ensuring (and applauding) each other's success. 


Chris Cabeceiras, Manager of Retail at the Distribution Center, plays a big role in how the day to day operations function, so we asked Chris his perspective of the facility: "For almost 25 years that I’ve been here at the DC,  the most profound connection I’ve had are with the people that I’ve met over the years. Without all the efforts each individual brings forward, none of the amazing success we share would be possible."


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