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Title Job ID Category Location Time Type Mall Name Store
Client Specialist 21818 Stores Lexington, Kentucky US Part Time Fayette Mall 01215 Lexington KY
Client Specialist 21827 Stores Westport, Connecticut US Part Time Main Street 00012 Westport CT
Client Specialist 21847 Stores Hamden, Connecticut US Part Time Westwood Corner 00006 Hamden CT
Client Specialist 21839 Stores Fort Worth, Texas US Part Time University Park Village 00118 Fort Worth TX
Client Specialist 21860 Stores Novi, Michigan US Part Time Twelve Oaks Mall 00055 Twelve Oaks MI
Client Specialist 22159 Stores Upper Montclair, New Jersey US Part Time Valley Road 00266 Upper Montclair, NJ
Client Specialist 22175 Stores Boston, Massachusetts US Part Time Copley Place 1305 Copley Place MA
Client Specialist 22185 Stores Paoli, Pennsylvania US Part Time Paoli Shopping Center 01034 Paoli, PA
Client Specialist 22192 Stores Norwalk, Connecticut US Part Time Sono Collection 01271 Sono, CT
Client Specialist 22195 Stores Katy, Texas US Part Time La Centerra 01138 Katy TX
Client Specialist 22215 Stores Rochester, Minnesota US Part Time Galleria at University Square 00167 Rochester MN
Client Specialist 22234 Stores Rochester Hills, Michigan US Part Time Rochester Hills 00632 Rochester Hills, MI
Client Specialist 22245 Stores Brentwood, California US Part Time Streets of Brentwood 01193 Brentwood, CA
Client Specialist 22248 Stores Overland Park, Kansas US Part Time Hawthorne Plaza 00223 Overland Park, KS
Client Specialist 22259 Stores Oak Brook, Illinois US Part Time Oakbrook Center 00088 Oakbrook IL
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