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Title Job ID Category Location Time Type Mall Name Store
2023 Summer Retail Internship 17179 Stores Friendswood, Texas US Part Time Baybrook Mall 00363 Baybrook, TX
2023 Summer Retail Internship 17843 Stores Greenville, North Carolina US Part Time Lynndale Shoppes 00368 Greenville, NC
2023 Summer Retail Internship 17870 Stores Chapel Hill, North Carolina US Part Time Eastgate Shopping Center 00116 Chapel Hill NC
Assistant Merchant 17904 Merchandising Hingham, Massachusetts US Full Time Corporate District Corporate
Client Specialist 17719 Stores Hamden, Connecticut US Part Time Westwood Corner 00006 Hamden CT
Client Specialist 17721 Stores Midland, Texas US Part Time West Loop 250N 00327 Midland, TX
Client Specialist 17907 Stores New York, New York US Part Time 82nd & Broadway 00323 82nd & Broadway, NY
Client Specialist 17725 Stores Frederick, Maryland US Part Time Everdy Square and Shab Row 00433 Frederick, MD
Client Specialist 17726 Stores Dayton, Ohio US Part Time Far Hills Avenue 00068 Dayton OH
Client Specialist 17732 Stores San Antonio, Texas US Part Time Huebner Oaks 00463 Huebner Oaks, TX
Client Specialist 17734 Stores Vestal, New York US Part Time Vestal Parkway 00293 Binghamton, NY
Client Specialist 17693 Stores Paramus, New Jersey US Part Time Paramus Park 01269 Paramus Park, NJ
Client Specialist 17694 Stores Downingtown, Pennsylvania US Part Time Brandywine Square 00420 Brandywine, PA
Client Specialist 17691 Stores Destin, Florida US Part Time Destin Commons 01063 Destin, FL
Client Specialist 17702 Stores Murfreesboro, Tennessee US Part Time The Avenue Murfeesboro 01156 Murfreesboro TN
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