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Title Job ID Category Location Time Type Mall Name Store
Retail Store Manager 15987 Stores Ridgeland, Mississippi US Full Time Renaissance at Colony Park 01169 Ridgeland MS
Retail Store Manager 16030 Stores Eden Prairie, Minnesota US Full Time Eden Prairie Centre 00608 Eden Prairie, MN
Retail Store Manager 14712 Stores Monroe, Louisiana US Full Time Avenue of America 00493 Monroe, LA
Retail Store Manager 16138 Stores Downingtown, Pennsylvania US Full Time Brandywine Square 00420 Brandywine, PA
Retail Store Manager 16243 Stores Toledo, Ohio US Full Time Frankin Park 00286 Toledo, OH
Sales Associate Specialist 16185 Stores Mobile, Alabama US Part Time Legacy Village 00233 Mobile, AL
Sales Associate Specialist 16187 Stores Ridgeland, Mississippi US Part Time Renaissance at Colony Park 01169 Ridgeland MS
Sales Associate Specialist 16188 Stores Spanish Fort, Alabama US Part Time Eastern Shore Road 01073 Spanish Fort, AL
Sales Associate Specialist 16189 Stores Bethesda, Maryland US Part Time Montgomery Mall 01226 Bethesda MD
Sales Associate Specialist 16195 Stores Memphis, Tennessee US Part Time Laurelwood Shopping Center 00122 Memphis TN
Sales Associate Specialist 16196 Stores Germantown, Tennessee US Part Time Saddlecreek Center 01220 Germantown TN
Sales Associate Specialist 16197 Stores Tulsa, Oklahoma US Part Time Utica Square 00212 Tulsa, OK
Sales Associate Specialist 16198 Stores Tulsa, Oklahoma US Part Time Woodland Hills Mall 00404 Woodland Hills Mall, OK
Sales Associate Specialist 16211 Stores Chevy Chase, Maryland US Part Time The Shoppes at Chevy Chase 00020 Chevy Chase Pavilion MD
Sales Associate Specialist 16212 Stores Fairfax, Virginia US Part Time Fair Oaks Mall 00357 Fair Oaks, VA
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