The Talbots Visual Team is at the heart of the business and brand. The Visual Team is a group of key collaborators that practice physical and creative flexibility within all departments. Through partnerships with design, marketing and stores, the Visual Team builds and delivers an aspirational story to our merchants. This ensures the brand message is delivered with ease through catalog layout & store floor sets. This team is skilled in envisioning and communicating the big picture as well as managing the moving parts within a project, and by doing so— they are able to cast our brand’s vision to align with our customer in a way that builds her confidence in everyday life.   

"Staying with an amazing brand for 35 years even through the hard times, I was lucky to find my passion in visual merchandising. I started as a sales associate and just kept finding ways to contribute and grow with this amazing brand. I reinvented and evolved myself through the years and always found the joy in teamwork and collaboration."

- Annie Price - VP, Corporate Visual Merchandising


The team shares the three best qualities they want in a boss!

"They should be a role model (inspire), easy to work for and be supportive."

- Alanna Zimkus, Director, Visual Marketing

"Empathy, leadership and humor."

- Kristi Kaminski, Manager, Visual Communications & Ops

"Be positive, knowing that there isn't anything too big to fix or handle and creating a fun work environment."

- Megan Zotis, Regional Field Visual Manager

We encourage creativity, innovation and smart risk-taking. 


We challenged Brandon Cassady, Regional Visual Manager, to share his favorite part of the RVM role: " There are so many! I love walking through a project and seeing the light bulb click in the heads of the participants. Inspiring others to think of how to show the brand expression to its fullest potential in their store - is the most rewarding."


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